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My Story
My name is William. I grew up in a small town in Norther Ontario Canada.

Like most people I made some great friends in high school.

Unlike most people from small towns though I was lucky enough to have two of my friends (twin brothers) who make millions of dollars online.
Since highschool I have had the privilege to meet may more successfully online entrepreneurs.

I never got into the whole sales/marketing side of things. I was always a technical guy. However I have helped build out the technical side of a lot of projects. A couple of years ago I stumbled onto a platform called ClickFunnels.

It has totally changed my life. It makes building out a series of sites and full marketing campaigns super fast. It also keeps the necessary changes, tweaks & split tests very easy to implement on the fly.

Now I work from home and have tons of free time.
Why I Do This
Why do I do this? Well I have a lot of free time now, but at this point it's been like that for a while.

So what's changed recently?

It has always been a running joke around my friends how I refuse to take a swing at sales / marketing and so have "never made any money online". Recently though while talking with some friends the ClickFunnels affiliate program  came up and I had a idea.

I already knew how awesome the platform was, all I would really need to do was prove it. People would use the platform and ClickFunnels would pay me. As long as they keep using it I keep getting paid, so I would also need to make sure they where able to utilize it to it's full potential. Best of all I would "officially" be "making money online", since apparently it doesn't count when you know the people who may you in real life.

So, I built out a coarse about what you really need to know to get up and running on the ClickFunnels platform and to help get you started I will make a custom video while I build out a page for you and give you the template after.
I have spent thousands of hours working in the platform helping build and scale campaings and know it inside and out. In each video I build out a page live which takes on average 10 minutes, but I clocked so many hours in the platform because I love it. Doing a custom page build out sounds like a fun idea, like I said I have a lot of free time these days.

It also comes with a number of share funnels you can add into your account, each of which are designed to allow you to interactively play with and learn about the platform.

I go over exactly how I have been able to leverage the ClickFunnels platform to perform all the tasks required to build, optimize and update a full online marketing campaign.
What You Definitely Get
First off you get a custom video from me where I build out your page and go over the settings I use to do it.

Of coarse you also get a FREE 14 day trial of ClickFunnels

You also get a free copy of the page after you can add to your ClickFunnels account.

Free access to the Platform Hacker coarse
This coarse will give you everything you need to push ClickFunnels to it's full potential, and you get access to it before you even Sign Up for ClickFunnels
It Includes:
  •  Quick Start Lessons - to get you up and running fast
  •  Tips & Tricks - to get the most out of the platform
  •  Links to tons of free online resources
  •  Custom Code - to push the platform past it limits
  •  Free Share Funnels - to interactively teach you about funnels
  •  Free External Resources
  •  Stay Up To Date - As ClickFunnels Evolves
De-mystify the fastest Growing E-commerce Platform on the Web.
What You Could Get
Inside the membership area their is a link to where you can apply for free multi session live 1 on 1 platform coaching sessions. However availability is extremely limited. Details inside.
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